Avionaut Car Seat Glider Comfy Blue (9-25 kg)

Avionaut Glider Comfy also protects the child in the event of side impact, owing to its large adjustable headrest made of EPP material, which absorbs energy during a side collision. Moreover, the specially designed comfortable soft wings of the headrest additionally protect the child's head.

Owing to the unique design, the ability to adjust the safety belts and the headrest, Avionaut Glider is suitable for children as young as around 9 months. The seat covers as many as two weight groups: 9-18 kg and 15-25 kg, providing maximum travel safety and comfort in both groups.

Avionaut Glider’s tilt angle adjustable to as many as 6 positions makes it unique among the seats in its weight category. This innovative solution increases the child’s travel comfort.

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Avionaut Car Seat Glider Comfy Blue (9-25 kg)

  • Brand: Avionaut
  • Product Code: ACO.03
  • Наличен
  • 279.00 лв.

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