Baby Art

What parents, full of wonder, could fail to admire the beauty and perfection of their baby’s cute little feet and hands?

So began the story of BABY ART, with the love story of a father for his daughter, who wanted to share his wonder and joy with his nearest and dearest. The idea of a personal gift took the shape of a moulded product suitable for babies and toddlers. Then came a brand which offers an original range of birth gifts for personalising and creative baby souvenirs.

Very personal, unique birth gift ideas, to give or keep for yourself, to keep an indelible memory of Baby’s early months.

Baby Art Print Frame My Baby Style
Baby Art Magic Box Essentials
Baby Art Magic Box Shiny Vibes
Baby Art Magic Box Round Toucans
Baby Art Magic Box Round Fireworks
Baby Art Family Touch Handprints Frame
Baby Art Print Frame Dark Grey Copper
Baby Art Print Frame White Copper
Baby Art Magic Box Round
Baby Art Wall Print Stormy
Baby Art Wall Print
Baby Art Magic Box Squirrel
Baby Art Magic Box Bunny
Baby Art Once Upon A Time
Baby Art My Funny Words
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