CYBEX offers car seats, baby strollers and ergonomic rucksacks that are not only safe, but also perfectly adapted to urban lifestyle.

CYBEX SDF Innovation - the unmatched combination of safety and quality, unique design and intelligent functionality stand behind the brand and its product development. This tripartite strategy has led not only to the development of award-winning pioneering car seats such as the multifunctional Sirona, but also to the award of seven Red Dot Design Awards.

CYBEX is not only a child safety leader, but is also recognized as a fashion brand leading to an innovative lifestyle. With its fresh approach, CYBEX designs products for children, combining this with functional solutions for parents. CYBEX products guarantee safety, design and functionality.

Cybex Aton 5 Magnolia Pink
Cybex Aton 5 Deep Black
Cybex Aton 5 Granite Black
Cybex Beyla.twist Strength dark
Cybex Beyla.twist Trust blue
Cybex Pallas M Fix Grey Rabbit (9-36 kg)
Cybex Agis M Air 4 Mystic Pink Pushchair
Cybex Callisto Princess Pink
Cybex Callisto Mystic Pink
Cybex Summer Cover for car seat Aton Q
Cybex Lux Seat Priam Cashmere Beige
Cybex Lux Seat Priam Autumn Gold
Cybex Carrycot FE Butterfly
Cybex Carrycot Autumn Gold
Cybex Priam Birds of Paradise
Cybex Baby carrier Yemaya Butterfly
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