Medela Breast milk bottle

  • Medela bottles are shatterproof and available in two different sizes: 150ml with slow flow teat and 250ml with medium flow teat. Replacement teats can also be purchased separately.
  • The breast milk bottles are dishwasher and microwave safe and are made from BPA-free materials.
  • The bottles can be used with all Medela breast pumps and teats.
  • Versatile – ideal for expressing, storing, freezing and feeding breast milk
  • Use the same bottle for storage and feeding – precious breast milk is not wasted
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable – does not crack or splinter when dropped
  • Safe material for you and your baby

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Medela Breast milk bottle

  • Brand: Medela
  • Product Code: medela_200.1658
  • Наличен
  • 15.99 лв.


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Medela Breast milk bottle 250 ml