Neo Nato

Founded in 1990. , the brand is rapidly becoming a symbol of innovation in the children's sector, and with its avant-garde style it translates Italy's high fashion into the daily lives of mothers around the world. Brand customers around the world are parents with a clear affinity for exclusive and luxury products. Neonato's mission is to follow trends and technology while satisfying the growing demands of today's mother. The brand is a combination of product quality and practicality without sacrificing the collection's avant-garde lines. Neonato has a full range of products, everything needed for a dynamic woman and her baby. The Neonato products are manufactured in Italy under the guidance of a number of prominent designers, each product guaranteeing style and elegance combined with all European safety standards.

Car seat Puro - NeoNato
Car seat Puro - NeoNato
Baby stroller Synchro Sport - Neonato
Baby stroller Synchro Pop - Neonato
Baby stroller Synchro Moviestar - Neonato
Baby stroller Puro 2 in 1 - Neonato
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