Phil & Teds

Phil & Teds has begun its business continuously following its priorities and offering its customers products of superior quality, innovative design and a fresh, youthful spirit. Phil & Teds branded products have passed a number of tests, some of which have been specially developed by specialists and are fully compliant and sometimes even exceed all international standards for product safety and quality. As for the car seats, the most important are ECE R44 / 03 and ECE R44 / 04, which are fully complied with. In addition to quality materials and products, Phil & Teds offers its customers a fresh look at the future of the planet, including successfully protecting the environment and creating its rich assortment of factories with state-of-the-art greener technologies.

Phil&Teds Stroller Smart seat liner
Phil&Teds Go all weather cover set
Phil&Teds Stroller Go Lemon
Phil&Teds Stroller Go Apple
Phil&Teds Stroller Go Cherry
Phil&Teds Baby Stroller Verve Red
Phil&Teds Bebe Star  (0-13 kg) Car seat
Phil&Teds Alpha (0-13 kg) Car seat
Phil&Teds Evolution (0-25 kg) Car seat
Phil&Teds Baby Stroller Dash V5
Phil&Teds Carrycot E3 Cocoon
Phil&Teds Seat Smart

Phil&Teds Seat Smart

67.00 лв.

Phil&Teds Raincoat for Promenade
Phil&Teds Cup holder universal
Phil&Teds Smart frame

Phil&Teds Smart frame

587.00 лв.

Phil&Teds Double Stroller Е3
Phil&Teds Baby Stroller Verve
Phil&Teds Raincoat for vibe Mesh double

Phil&Teds Raincoat for vibe Mesh double

39.50 лв. 79.00 лв.

Phil&Teds Raincoat for vibe Mesh

Phil&Teds Raincoat for vibe Mesh

29.50 лв. 59.00 лв.

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