Prince Lionheart Nappy Depot

Prince Lionheart Nappy Depot

Designed to make nappy changing safer, quicker and more convenient. Unique three-in-one changing organizers include a roomy compartment for 18-20 nappies, a flat tray for baby wipes and two removable side bins that hold ointments, powders, creams and more.

The Nappy Depot hangs from most changing tables.

  • Designed for quick and convenient nappy changing
  • Stores all of your nappies, wipes and lotions in one place
  • Attaches securely to most changing tables
  • With an attachment point for Prince Lionheart's Ultimate Wipes Warmer

Prince Lionheart's Wipes Warmers are designed to lock securely on both Nappy Depot models.

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Prince Lionheart Nappy Depot

  • 49.95 лв.

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Prince Lionheart Nappy Depot