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 Welcome to the world of BEBE MARKET.

  We created it for our children in 2002.

The trademark "BEBE MARKET" is property of the company ADORNO Co. Ltd. - Sofia, Bulgaria.

The company specialises for several years now in the field of trading (wholesale and retail) with baby and child products.

The aspiration of the whole "BEBE MARKET"  team for a better service for all of our clients, the quality of the products we offer and the care we put into satisfying Your diverse tastes, are the fruit of the long commercial experience of a big part of the employees in the company. 

 From the year 1991 our team has been dealing with commercial business, and as of 2002 is specialising in trading with child products and develops a chain of stores under the brand "BEBE MARKET".

ADORNO Co. Ltd. is a member of the Association of the merchants of products for the baby in Bulgaria / ATSDB / and is one of the importers of baby and child products with proven high quality.

The brands of which ADORNO Co. Ltd. is an official representative and distributor for Bulgaria are:  Babymoov, Mom's Care, Badabulle, David Fussenegger и NATY .

  • Babymoov - INNOVATION, QUALITY AND NECESSITY - these are the three key words in the vocabulary of BabyMoov - France.  From the beginning of 1997 until today, the designers of BabyMoov are creating products with innovative technical characteristics and modern design. All BabyMoov products are tested at independent laboratories and are proven to be qualitative, effective, interesting and very useful ...
  • David Fusseneger - the company is one of the leading manufacturers of textiles in Austria - blankets, covers, pillows ...
  • Mom's Care - The world of toys. The Mom’s Care toys are entirely produced in Europe that why we are providing you with the highest quality products. The materials used in this pillow are cuddly, soft and gentle to baby's skin.
  • Eco by Naty - Eco by Naty is the market leading diaper in the eco-friendly segment. Naty are at the edge of the ecological development, and determined to stay so in the future.


The idea for BEBE MARKET ... and for our CHILDREN.

Like all parents and we, "although born in the last century," we wanted and continue to want to give them the best.

Children are a grace, but a challenge for the profession you never get prepared for - being a parent.

Here too, there are trends and innovations. But unlike elsewhere, it is a matter of special attention, as quality is equally equal to safe, secure, reliable, beautiful, stylish, convenient, comfortable, affordable, environmentally friendly...

When we started the crazy idea of ​​creating a shop where parents could find support, detailed information, and a fair price for top quality products, we did not imagine how strong the love for our children was.

We are grateful that over the years we have touched so many children's destinies and supported thousands of families.

Kid's smiles, calm and happy parents give us the strength to continue with each day to be better in the name of OUR CHILDREN. Those all gentle, fragile and wonderful creatures that fill our lives with meaning.

With the care of good partners for OUR CHILDREN,

Creators of BEBE MARKET: Valtinita Mineva and Genadi Dragomanov


For the company

 ADORNO Ltd. and BEBE MARKET shops specialize in the wholesale and retail trade with a wide range of baby and children's goods of proven high quality. All products offered by the company are from European manufacturers and are certified in countries like Great Britain, France, Germany, Sweden, Spain and Austria.

ADORNO Ltd. is the owner of the registered trademark "BEBE MARKET" in the patent office of the Republic of Bulgaria. In 2002, the company opened its first children's shop with the same name. ADORNO is one of the founding companies of the Association of Children's Goods Traders in Bulgaria (ATTCB) and since its establishment in 2007 it is a regular member.

About the site

Here at bebemarket.bg we offer you more than 25 000 products for babies and children from 0 to 10 years of age at extremely good prices and very advantageous weekly and monthly promotions. For all products we offer you will get fast and FREE DELIVERY * as well as the lowest possible price. We will also offer excellent photos and detailed information about each product. For most of the merchandise you can see animations, videos, tests, certificates, and other information that can greatly facilitate your choice in the search for a product.

BEBE MARKET offers you the best service so you can shop  happily.

If you have any questions we will answer with pleasure.

You can contact us every working day from 9: 30h to 17: 30h


BEBE MARKET Online Sofia - 02 442 8058 /   087 870 0929 and  088 490 5950


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