Mosquito Repellents and Sun protection products

Bochko Kids Lotion Insect Repellent 40 ml

Up to 8 hours effective protection* (*Reapply as necessary)Insect Repellent for children as of 12 mo..

4.99 лв.

Alecto Insect killer

Highly effective against mosquitos, flies and other flying insectsEasy to use with electrical outlet..

49.90 лв.

Bochko Anti-mosquito Baby Milk 100 ml

Easy to useNew and Innovative Formula100 mlSuitable for 12+ monthsWith Citronella oilDermatologicall..

5.89 лв.

Bochko Baby Sun Milk SPF 50

For sensitive baby skinProtection from UV (UVA+UVB filtersystem)Special recipe for prevention of all..

12.90 лв.

Bochko Baby Sun Spray SPF 50

Available in SPF 50.Very effective protection system against UVA/UVB rays combined with micro-pigmen..

12.90 лв.

Chicco Zanza No Night Wall Mosquito Repeller 0m+

Ultrasound deviceChicco Electronic Devices acts with ultrasonic sound that bother to mosquitoes, but..

22.00 лв.

Chicco Portable mosquito

It is silentReduce energy consumptionEnvironmental friendly..

22.00 лв.

Bochko Baby After-sting Gel 20 ml

The natural herbal ingredients in Bochko gel help to relieve unpleasant itching and discomfort after..

3.80 лв.

Chicco Anti-Mosquito Zanza No

Delicate formulas ideal for the little onesIdeal for bites and stings from mosquitoes, bees, wasps, ..

9.00 лв.

Chicco Very High Protection Sun Spray Spf 50

Chicco’s sun milk spray with SPF 50+ is easy to apply and distributes smoothly on the skin. Due to a..

23.00 лв.

Chicco Sun Cream Very High Protection SPF50+

Chicco’s sunscreen with SPF 50+ is easy to apply and distributes smoothly on the skin. Due to an ext..

18.99 лв.

Bio G Herbal Mosquito Spray

Herbal mosquito spray for babies and young children.Contains a completely natural composition suitab..

15.80 лв.

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