Diaper Rash Creams & Ointments

Bambo Nature Soothing Cream

Bambo Nature Soothing Cream helps shield your baby’s skin from excessive moisture and perfect for se..

13.95 лв.

Bochko Diaper rash cream

The cream protects against skin inflammationsCream is delicate and hypoallergenicThe cream strengthe..

3.10 лв.

Chicco Protective powder

Thanks to the absorbing effect of the rice starch, this Talcum powder from Chicco refreshes and prot..

8.50 лв.

Bubchen Baby Powder

Our skin serves as a protection, temperature regulation, as a versatile sensor for the environment. ..

6.20 лв.

Bio G Cream rash 75 ml

100% natural baby product against infestation in the diaper area disinfects the pores, softens the s..

14.80 лв.

Bubchen Baby Wundschutz Creme 150 ml

The rich formula with zinc oxide, chamomile and panthenol prevents irritations and soothes the skinR..

7.50 лв.

Töpfer Diaper rash cream

Diaper rash cream is ideal for the protection of particularly susceptible parts of the body, such as..

14.00 лв.

Töpfer Baby powder with Organic Wheat Bran and Organic Calendula

For generations, baby powder has been one of the favourite ways of taking care of sensitive parts of..

9.00 лв.

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