• Chipolino is a well-known Bulgarian baby products company and a variety of baby products offered by Baby Market.
  • Chipolino is among the most famous baby products in Bulgaria, offering a wide selection of carts, baby cribs, baby beds and dressers, a variety of bathroom accessories such as baths and jars.
  • The most popular series are Jasmine, Maggie, Carolina, Rio Bueno, Pucci and Felice.
  • The safety of all goods is guaranteed by the numerous quality standards - Bulgarian and European - owned by the company.
  • Give your treasure something Bulgarian in the very first moments after your birth - check out the latest hits from the brand collection now!
Chipolino Car Seat Nimo, mermaid
Chipolino Car Seat Nimo, ducks
Chipolino Car Seat Nimo, dog
Chipolino Car Seat Nimo, rabbit
Chipolino Car Seat Archie Iso, ducks
Chipolino Car Seat Archie Iso, fairy
Chipolino Car Seat Archie Iso, dino
Chipolino Car Seat Archie Iso, asphalt
Chipolino Baby walker Rolly, dhalia
Chipolino Baby walker Rolly, laguna
Chipolino Baby walker Rolly, pear
Chipolino Baby walker Rolly, mist
Chipolino Backpack/diaper bag, latte
Chipolino Backpack/diaper bag, asphalt
Chipolino Backpack/diaper bag, carbon
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