Playgro was born in 1992 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, as a family business, as is still the case today. Playgro has expanded to international markets in 57 countries across Europe, North America, the Middle East and Asia. The toys feature unique design and entertaining characters who earn trust with their high safety standards and unwavering dedication to high-quality toys.

Playgro 2 In 1 Light Up Music Maker
Playgro Musical Pullstring Bunny Rabbit
Playgro Textured Sensory Balls
Playgro Peek in Roller
Playgro Bend & Twist Ball
Playgro Roundabout Rattle
Playgro Musical Pullstring Octopus
Playgro Floaty Boat Path Puzzle
Playgro Lion Activity Kick Toy
Playgro Music And Lights Comfy Car
Playgro Wiggling Bertie Bee
Playgro Jumbo Jungle Musical Piano Mat
Playgro  Push Along Ball Popping Octopus
Playgro Music Drive and Go
Playgro Paddling bath fish
Playgro Ball Playnest Gym
Playgro Shape Sorting Tray
Playgro Lights & Sounds Police Car
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