Chicco is a well-known brand of baby goods offered by BABY MARKET. At present, Chicco is a huge international corporation with offices in more than a hundred countries and winning many prestigious quality awards. The motto of the brand is "Everywhere there is a baby". The mission of the company is summed up with something quite simple - its products are to meet the needs of babies and children all over the world.

Chicco directs those parents who are looking for safe, quality products that are easy to handle and are tailored to the specifics of the age of the children for whom they are purchased. The baby goods of this brand are the product of care, tenderness, love, responsibility. The products are designed to facilitate and help the child's growth process by serving for his comfort and fun in the most carefree years of his life.

Chicco is an Italian baby care brand established in 1958 and it is the most important brand of Artsana, an Italian company founded in 1946. Chicco specializes in making clothing and equipment for babies and toddlers, including strollers, high chairs, car seats and toys. It is based in Como (Lombardy).

Chicco is a multinational company that is present in more than 170 different countries through its offices or licensed distributors including Bulgaria.

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