The Loire Valley in France is an area known for its picturesque beauty and fairytale castles, where Corolle began more than 30 years ago to produce dolls. Each Corolle doll is designed with great attention, love and affection because we know that a doll is more than a toy. This is the inherent part of the growth of a child. The doll encourages children to explore different roles through care, sharing, dreams and experiences with a friend and comrade in the games. Corolle designs dolls that look and feel as real as possible with soft, elastic vinyl-like hair and the latest fashion. And as children develop in a highly emotional relationship with their dolls, Corolle have a high endurance to endure all peace-loving hugs. All this helps explain why, since its founding, Corolle has received world recognition for designing as, winning dozens of awards. The Corolle collection remains young and fresh every year with the introduction of new dolls, up-to-date fashion and accessories. The Corolle Kids inspire children and leave memories for life.

Corolle Mon Premier Baby Doll
Corolle Doll PInk flower 28 cm.
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