HiPP has been an example of conscious and responsible management of nature, society and business for over 50 years.

HiPP is a symbol of conscious and responsible attitude to nature, man and the economy.

Klaus HIP always personally guarantees the highest quality of every product produced by his company.

Throughout the years and experience, HiPP has expanded its range of products with the highest quality, healthy and delicious food produced in harmony with nature that is useful and relevant to the health and care of your children

Hipp Babysanft Sun Spray SPF50, 150ml
Hipp Babysanft Roll-on SPF50, 50ml
Hipp Baby Wet Wipes 2 x 56 pcs
Hipp Combiotik HA 2 Milk
Hipp Combiotik HA 1 Milk
Hipp Wet wipes 10 pc
Hipp Sun lotion  SPF 30, 200ml.
Hipp Sun creme SPF30, 50ml.
Hipp Baby shampoo

Hipp Baby shampoo

8.35 лв.

Hipp Baby body shampoo
Hipp Wet Wipes

Hipp Wet Wipes

3.24 лв.

Hipp Organic Infant Milk
Hipp Combiotic 3 JUNIOR Baby Formula
Hipp Oil against stretch marks
Hipp Nourishing oil
Hipp Moisturizer

Hipp Moisturizer

5.99 лв.

Hipp Cleansing Milk
Hipp Washing gel for hair and body
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