Since its inception in 2007, the Belgian brand has become known for its unique approach to "smart design". The teams of engineers, designers and peddlers working on creating the Hoppop brand are inspired by the latest design trends, but tailored to the youngsters who will play, eat, bathe and rest with them.

Hoppop products are winning a number of international awards for innovation and design, such as: Best Innovative Baby and Children Product Award 2007, Best Baby Product for 2008 in Russia, and Canada's Most Innovative Product for Children. According to specialists and customers, "Hoppop" is a perfect example of the use of design in the service of innovation. Besides stylish, however, their products aim to facilitate the everyday life of parents and children through their intelligent functions.

Made of high quality materials, all "Hoppop" accessories and toys meet the highest safety requirements. They are an "alloy" of functionality with ultra-modern design that completely changes the world of babies.

Hoppop Step Stool Monti
Hoppop Potty Torro

Hoppop Potty Torro

39.00 лв.

Hoppop Bath Toys Triplo
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