Marlene Sandberg, former law firm partner and the mother of two boys: 'It all started with a newspaper article. It said that every year of a baby's life resulted in half a ton of used nappies - half a ton! Even more disturbing was the fact that traditional nappies were made of plastic made from oil! An oil product that comes in contact with a child's delicate skin. I got really upset. Couldn't this be done better?'

Nature Babycare is the result of many years of intensive work and development. The first Eco-friendly nappy based on new green technology, protected by a Swedish patent. Soft, thin, comfortable and with perfect sizing. With an exclusive chlorine free material. With corn based compostable non pastic leakage barrier, distribution layer and outer packaging. And it performs as well as the best 'traditional' nappy.

Marlene: 'I don't believe in compromises or shortcuts. If you want an eco-friendly nappy to be successful, it must perform at least as well or better than the 'ordinary' nappies.'

This is the story behind Eco By Naty.

Naty Eco Thin Pads Super 13pcs.
Naty Eco Panty Liners, Large - 28pcs.
Naty Eco Eco Panty Liners 32pcs.
Naty Eco Thin Pads Normal 15pcs.
Naty Eco Thin Pads Night 10pcs.
Naty Eco Sensitive Wipes with Aloe
Naty Eco nappies Nature Babycare size 6
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