SANO is the largest detergent and household detergent manufacturer in Israel. The company was founded in 1965.SANO is a manufacturer of a wide range of products, such as toiletries, detergents, cleaning products, air fresheners and insect repellents. The company is known for its high and unmatched high quality products over the years. The SANO brand is extremely popular with its Sano Maxima Sensitive series products, specifically designed for washing baby clothes and clothing for sensitive skin. All detergents of Sano Maxima Sensitive are concentrated and do not contain bio-enzymes. The products from the Sano Maxima Sensitive series are one of the most recommended baby laundry products.

Sano Washing powder Maxima
Sano Softener Maxima Ultrafresh
Sano Softener Maxima Pink
Sano Softener Maxima Bio
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