Why Cry

Brand-specific is the new-generation WhyCry childcare analyzer for modern parents. WhyCry is a portable monitor that recognizes babies' moods by analyzing the usual reasons for their crying. A high-tech, integrated voice analyzer monitors and recognizes 36 basic soundtracks. Similar to use in the latest generations of lie detectors. Clinical studies and precise medical tests clearly show that his knowledge is moving at extremely high levels between 92 and 98%. This sound sensing device has been manufactured and programmed to identify different voice tones at frequencies of 100 to 600 Hz. After about 8-15 seconds. digital analysis, compares your child's crying vocal parameters with thousands of similar ones, translating it into one of five basic moods - fasting, sleepy, irritated, stressed or bored.

Why Cry Baby cry analyst Plus
Why Cry Baby cry analyst  Mini
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