DUVATEX is a manufacturer and specialist in providing you with comfortable sleep for you and your child. The Belgian brand offers a wide range of products - mattresses, bedroom sets, protectors, pillows, blankets. The company is renowned for its innovative products made of high quality and safe materials suitable for babies. The fabrics have anti-bacterial and anti-acacia treatment that prevents contamination and ensures maximum hygiene. Choosing Duvatex products will make you feel lasting comfort and pleasure. Provide yourself and your child with a comfortable and relaxed sleep.

Duvatex Duvet Cover

Duvatex Duvet Cover

29.90 лв.

Duvatex Child 3D Top Mattress AirGoSafe
Duvatex Baby Pillow Case
Duvatex Baby Pillow

Duvatex Baby Pillow

19.99 лв.

Duvatex 3-elements Bedding Set Princess
Duvatex 3-elements Bedding Set Cat
Duvatex 3-elements Bedding Set Cars
Duvatex 3-elements Bedding Set Bear
Duvatex Child Mattress Tencel-Liosel
Duvatex Child Mattress Tencel-Liosel
Duvatex Child Mattress Medicott
Duvatex Child Mattress Basic
Duvatex Child Mattress Aloe Vera
Duvatex Child Mattress Bamboo
Duvatex Mattress Protector Bamboo
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