Cuclo Extra-Wide Hevea Natura Pillow Kido

Cuclo Extra-Wide Hevea Natura Pillow Kido

  • JUNO® Extra-Wide HEVEA NATURA® Kids’ Pillows are ergonomically designed for fast growing children as a single piece formed core to help with head and neck weight distribution
  • The JUNO® bed pillows are specifically designed with extra width of 700mm (27.5″) to provide essential neck support along all the width of the bed.
  • The optimal height of the pillows for the given age group allows for 180-degree free head movement and a perfect spinal alignment.
  • The expertly designed variable firmness zones facilitate breathing for stomach and side sleepers while encouraging the orthopedist-recommended back sleep position which contributes to a healthy spinal alignment and long-term improvement of posture.
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Cuclo Extra-Wide Hevea Natura Pillow Kido

  • Brand: CUCLO
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