Philips AVENT DECT Baby Monitor SCD711/52

Philips AVENT DECT Baby Monitor SCD711/52

  • Crystal clear sound
  • Operation for the evening hours
  • Vibration and night mode
  • DECT technology ensures zero interference and security of your privacy
  • DECT technology provides you with a secure and private connection to make sure you do not listen to anyone else. Ensures zero interference from other transmitting devices, such as other baby monitors, wireless and mobile phones
  • Energy saving with Smart ECO for minimal emission
  • The unique Smart ECO mode automatically reduces sound emissions and increases battery life.
  • The closer you are to your baby, the less power you need for a perfect connection.
  • Range up to 330 meters
  • Indoor range of up to 50 meters, up to 330 meters.
  • Exceptional operating time for night-time monitoring
  • The convenient rechargeable parent unit offers freedom of wireless tracking for up to 18 hours per charge.
  • You know that you are connected to the LED warning lights
  • The 5 level sound indicators indicate the levels of sound in your baby's room even when the parent unit is muted.
  • With the connection indicator, you always know when the monitor is connected and in range. The parent unit will alert you when the monitor is out of range or when the battery level is low so that you are always connected to your baby.
  • Suitable for the night with low screen brightness and low volume Adjust the notification settings and be notified with silent, discreet vibration mode. At the touch of a button, you switch to night mode, which lowers the brightness of the screen and the volume.
  • Relaxing night light and lullabies to calm down
  • Nothing can calm a restless baby better than a soft lullaby and a warm, serene light.
  • Choose one of the 5 relaxing melodies and activate the soft night light from any room in the house. Help your baby sink back to sleep in no time.
  • Talk to your baby from afar
  • Sometimes all you need for your baby is the reassuring sound of your voice. With a simple click, this basic function lets you talk to your baby from anywhere in the house.
  • Watch the temperature in your baby's room and set the notifications
  • Since babies are not yet able to adjust their body temperature as you do, a small fluctuation in ambient temperature may cause them a discomfort.
  • The temperature sensor allows you to monitor the temperature in your baby's room and set a customi

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Philips AVENT DECT Baby Monitor SCD711/52

  • Brand: AVENT
  • Product Code: SCD711/52
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